How to Choose Your Real Estate Agent

You have an inkling to list your house for sale but don’t know anyone in particular in your circle. Maybe you hadn’t really planned this to happen but you are more than leaning in that direction.  You receive numerous flyers in the mail that you had never paid attention to in the past, all offering something and stating they’re #1 in the industry. Now that you are thinking about selling, you start noticing these flyers and take a closer look at what comes in your mailbox. You go on-line to see who are the tech savvy real estate agents and you are overwhelmed with so many, wait, too many unknowns. So, what do you do?

First of all, do not chose the best deal or those offering next to nothing in cost! You get what you pay for! There is always the fine print and the cheap fee posted is not the full price in the end when its all said and done. After all, this is the largest investment of your life so you should work with a knowledgeable and experience professional!

Secondly, make a list the real estate professionals who you’ve notice that have sold houses in your neighbourhood and have sent informative mail to you over the years.

Thirdly, ask your most trusted friends who live close to you, if they have had a good experience with the real estate agent who sold their house.

Of the names on your list that you’ve jotted down, select the best two or three and set up interviews. Set up 2 or 3 separate interviews and allow these real estate professionals to present the evaluation of your home to you and their marketing strategies as well. Ask them their history and experiences in the real estate industry. Ask them anything you want to ask them, don’t be shy.

Once you have interviewed all 2 or 3 real estate agents, do not commit to any of them. Allow a day to yourself to process all the information that they have given you. At this point you should have some idea which of these real estate agents makes you feel most comfortable to you or seems like the right one who can represent you in the sale of your home. Do not choose the agent solely on the highest suggested list price. The market will dictate the value of your home, not the name on the for sale sign. A great real estate agent will know how to manage a bidding war to get the most money, if you do end up in a bidding war scenario. If not in a bidding war situation, a great realtor will know how to market your property right to achieve the highest value. If you are unsure of which agent to chose, call them and ask them a few more questions. Get a feel of who is more patient, compassionate or simply get a feeling who will work in your best interest.

Once you have made your decision and have committed to who you want representing you, make the call. Thank those who have taken the time out of their schedule to meet with you and sign the contract with the right agent and good luck! Happy selling!

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Construction underway for Mississauga’s Transit Systems

There are two major transit plans currently under way in Mississauga.  The Light Transit Line (LTR) running north and south along Hurontario Street from Port Credit to Brampton’s main terminal in downtown at Queen Street.  The second is the Mississauga transit line running from Renforth in Etobicoke to Winston Churchill in the west running along side Highway 403.  With the GTA’s growth, these 2 major lines will run fast and efficiently transferring thousands of commuters much easier and faster.  For more information, here are 2 links to give you this information.

Mississauga Transitway along 403:

Hurontario LTR:

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Redevelopment Update of the Erin Mills Town Centre Shopping Mall

Construction has been underway for several months now and is projected to be completed the end of 2014.  The new concept will give the Erin Mill Town Centre a bright and modern new look with an open class main entrance and glass sphere in the centre of the mall inviting natural light to shine through.  New escalators are being installed, the food court will be relocated and new washrooms constructed.  This new look is very inviting for all the Erin Mills, Streetsville, Meadowvale and other Mississauga residents to enjoy. This shopping centre feeds into highways 403 and 407, and is minutes from the highway 401 and QEW.

Take a look at the video for the concept design:

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Legal Basement Apartments in Mississauga

Did you know  It is now the law that the City of Mississauga is required to allow legal second units in homes!

What does this mean for you?

If you have been contemplating adding a basement apartment to your home or plan to purchase an investment property with a second unit, then this is possible legally!

Homeowners must comply with the safety regulations for the occupancy for tenants and can apply for the Licence once it is approved!  Once approved, its Legal!

This is great news for homeowners and tenants looking for affordable accommodation!

The Province of Ontario met with the municipalities and stressed the importance of providing affordable accomodation for residents.  Each municipality has different guidelines as to what the requirements are.

Feel free to contact me or the city of Mississauga.  See the link here for more information:

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