Legal Basement Apartments in Mississauga

Did you know  It is now the law that the City of Mississauga is required to allow legal second units in homes!

What does this mean for you?

If you have been contemplating adding a basement apartment to your home or plan to purchase an investment property with a second unit, then this is possible legally!

Homeowners must comply with the safety regulations for the occupancy for tenants and can apply for the Licence once it is approved!  Once approved, its Legal!

This is great news for homeowners and tenants looking for affordable accommodation!

The Province of Ontario met with the municipalities and stressed the importance of providing affordable accomodation for residents.  Each municipality has different guidelines as to what the requirements are.

Feel free to contact me or the city of Mississauga.  See the link here for more information:

Stacey Robinson, Real Estate Broker

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd, Brokerage

Direct 905-464-7653

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